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World Designer


Open World, CO-OP


A co-op smuggler’s paradise set in the fictional world of 1970s Bayan




Working as a World Designer at Avalanche Studios I have collaborated with a team of world & level designers, designers, artists, programmers, production, and QA towards deadlines for CONTRABAND. I have worked closely with people to iterate on designs and features and have been part of meetings to further help improve the game. My tasks have been planning the early stages of locations of various sizes, such as macro, meso, and micro; gathering references, planning of distance between content, and creating and iterating on locations layouts, terrain, and road network. Scripted level events to improve the level design experience.

I’ve had continuous reviews, discussing and improving upon not only my work but my experience as a world/level designer. Avalanche Studios is been a great place to grow as a developer, and I’ve learned a lot from the very skilled and experienced game developers working here.

My work at Avalanche is still under NDA and as such, I can't show any imagery or go into deeper detail on my work there.

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