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Project Poppy


World/level Design


Action RPG

Team Size




Project Poppy is a solo project where I intend to further my skills as a World/Level Designer in softwares such as World Creator and Unreal Engine 5.

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Learning Objective

I want to challenge myself and deepen my knowledge of world design and level design. I aim to create an open space where I can improve my understanding of content distribution, an area where I can add terrain created with World Creator, create a small level design space with a focus on combat, and finally but most importantly reacquaint myself with Unreal.

                                                      > World: Learn World Creator.
                                                      > World: Content Distribution.
                                                      > Level: Combat Spaces
                                                      > Engine: Improve my knowledge and workflow with Unreal

World Creator

Before setting out creating mountains and cliffs in World Creator I wanted to understand the landscape I wanted to create. I started with a core picture that would set the theme. From here, I gathered more reference pictures for the landscape and locations and proceeded to create a 2D sketch of the area. 


Core Picture of Dolomites, Italy

2D sketch

The first iterations of the world map didn't sit right with me and it didn't feel right jumping into World Creator creating the various terrains iterations before I had a better understanding of how a landscape flows.
I decided to set out to read, watch videos, and study pictures of topography to see how our own world flows and also how we create maps of it. It wasn't until I had learned about this that elements of planning out the map started to click, and I started to create the various terrain pieces.

Screenshot 2022-10-01 182553.png
Screenshot 2022-10-01 183418.png

More to come!

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